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Kidsday: Interviewing Jessica Sanchez

We met "American Idol" runner up Jessica Sanchez when she was visiting Manhattan recently. How did appearing on "America's Got Talent" prepare you for "American Idol"?

It helped me a lot with the cameras and the lights and the stage, and just singing in front of an audience. That was really fun, too.


If you had one more chance on "American Idol" to pick any song you wanted to sing, what would it be and why?

It would be a really old song by Prince. I love the song, and it would have been awesome, but there's like this list, and it has to be cleared [to be] on the list. It's all complicated, but I love all the songs that I performed.


We like your outfit. How did you chose that?

I had a stylist that helped me choose, and it was really fun, but I went shopping with her, too; so it was fun going to all the stores, and seeing all those clothes was really overwhelming. It was really awesome.


What were your feelings when the judges didn't like one of your performances?

It hurt a little bit; but like I said, I just got up there and sang with my heart, and it was a lot of fun, too.


What were you thinking when you were auditioning and the judges said you're going to Hollywood?

I was freaking out. I was jumping up and down with my family, and we were just celebrating. After that, we all went to dinner and all talked about it. I think we went to Applebee's or something. It was fun.


What was your most inspiring song you sang on "Idol" and why?

I think "I Will Always Love You," because I was paying tribute to Whitney Houston. That was really cool


You said Phillip Phillips was really good. Why do you believe Phillip is?

Because he's really good. He's cute, and all the girls love him, and I think he's a really good artist.


Do you plan on putting out an album; and if so, what kind of music will it be?

It would be kind of like Beyoncé a little bit. A little bit of dance stuff, a little bit of ballads. It will be really fun.


Do you write your own songs; if you do, what's your inspiration?

I kind of write a little bit. Just try and keep it young, not so much like about boys and love. Just try and keep it more about following your dreams, friends and having a good time.


Which celebrity performer were you most excited to meet?

I loved meeting with He's really cool, and he's really fun. He's like a little kid, too. He's awesome.


What genre of song do you like to sing, and what don't you like?

More like urban, R&B kind of sound, a little bit of pop. But definitely I'm not a country singer or a rock singer.


What will you miss the most about being on "American Idol"?

Singing on that stage was awesome. I loved it so much, and hopefully I'll be able to do it again in the future.


Who were your closest friends on the show?

My closest friends? Everybody was like a family, but I think my closest friend was DeAndre because he was my age and [we] went to school together. He was really cool.


When you're walking on the street, does anyone say "Oh, there's Jessica?"

Sometimes, and it's weird; like I'm not use to it yet.


Did anyone make you sign something?

Yes, sometimes I like sign stuff and take pictures. And it's really cool, because I like to attract some of my fans, but I haven't gotten used to it yet. I just feel like a normal person.


Was it hard to sing on stage?

It was a little difficult at first because you get nervous. There are so many people out in the audience and there are so many faces staring at you. But it was really fun after the music started playing and just started dancing to the song.


Were you crying after the finale and if so, why?

I didn't cry. I was happy for Phillip. It was a big relief that everything was over because now I can just have fun and go on tour with my Idol family and sing what I want to sing.


Did you think you were going to be in the finale from the beginning?

I didn't and it's because everybody was so good I didn't know what to expect. But I worked really hard and I got really far.


How has your family helped you through the entire Idol process?

Well, my mom's been with me the whole time. Every time I've felt stressed about something she's always been there telling me don't worry about it, you'll do great. So family is really important.


You said to follow your dreams, not be negative?

Oh yeah, no. There's nothing bad about Phillip. He's cute and he's a real artist and I think he's going to have much success in his life.


What were you thinking and feeling during the finale?

I was just trying to tell myself to have fun, it's the last episode and whatever happens happens and just enjoy the moment and not to stress about it.


What is on your iPod right now?

I lot of Brianna, Beyonce, Katy Perry.


Do you have any advice for kids who want to sing?

Yeah, just follow your dreams and don't let anybody get you down. Just have fun.


If you have any, who are your inspirations to sing?

I love Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Etta James, a lot of like old artists but I like new artists, too. Like Rihanna and Katy Perry.


What was it like being away from your family so long? How often did you get to see them?

It was hard. I mean if have younger brothers and I miss them so much and I miss my parents. But when I got home I gave them a big hug. It was like I was home again. It just felt amazing. I can't wait to be home again.

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