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Kidsday interviews singer Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran is a talented singer from Halifax, England. At just 21 years old, he is already a hit singer. He has a light accent and a smooth, soft voice. He puts a lot of thought into his songs, which we love. He also loves what he does, and that is important because that makes it special. He can sing many different genres, including soul, hip-hop, reggae and folk. That is what makes Ed such an unusual singer. Many artists sing only one type of music.

Whether he is in the studio or performing live, his voice is stupendous. Ed Sheeran is very talented.

We met Ed earlier this month and also listened to his great new album, "+". There are 12 songs on this CD and most of them are slow-paced pop songs such as "Small Bump," though a few are a bit faster. For instance, "Grade 8" is a better song for dancing because it has a quicker beat.

Ed told us that he uses some of his own experiences in his songs. When we had the chance to interview him, he said that when he was growing up, building with Legos was one of his hobbies. That may have helped spark the idea for his three-time platinum-selling single "Lego House." His first song on the disc, "The A Team," is also a very big hit and is currently No. 4 on Billboard's Top 25 rock songs.

"The A Team" was Joanna's favorite song. She wrote, "The song had a nice thin texture that is really soothing. It also has a soft rhythm. The music and background instruments do not overpower his voice or make it so you barely hear him singing. The slow rhythms are nice and simple, but he also sings with fast rhythms that have a nice beat. He sings fast and slow songs, which I think is a great thing to do because sometimes people like different types of music. It is a great skill."

We enjoyed listening to "+". "Grade 8" was Spencer's favorite song because he had fun dancing while singing the lyrics. Another one of his favorites was "The A Team" because it has a nice tune.

When we met Ed, and we were curious about whether being famous has changed his life. He said, "To be honest, not really. Like, before I had this success, I was not really ever going home. I was always traveling around the country doing shows, small shows and living on people's sofas. Now I'm traveling around the world and living in hotels. So it hasn't really changed apart from the kind of environment I'm in. It's pretty similar. I'm still, like, wearing the same clothes, I still got the same friends, eat the same food -- it's on a bigger scale now."

Overall, Ed Sheeran's brand-new album scores a huge PLUS for us.

Ed will be playing a concert at Radio City Music Hall Jan. 30!

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