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Kidsday interviews Tiffany Giardina

Singer Tiffany Giardina with Kidsday reporters (l) Ryan

Singer Tiffany Giardina with Kidsday reporters (l) Ryan Watters, Adriana Giangrasso, Michael Domozych and Sara Giarnieri, all from Idle Hour Elementary School, Oakdale. They are at the J-14 Magazine Red Carpet event at the Hard Rock Cafe in Manhattan. (Sept. 19, 2012)

We met singer and actress Tiffany Giardina when she was in Manhattan recently. After interviewing her, we watched her perform at the Hard Rock Cafe.

Tell us about singing as Barbie in the movie "Barbie: The Princess & the Popstar."

I definitely was a Barbie fan growing up. So it's been pretty cool working for the company. And my voice in a Barbie doll is pretty awesome -- when you press play and you hear it all and you sing some of those songs. It's pretty cool.

What was your most challenging experience?

I guess something that's kind of challenging would be like getting to the studio, working long hours. I love that so I don't know; it really wasn't challenging.

What was it like meeting Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber?

Oh, that was very cool. I loved performing with them and they're both really sweet and down-to-earth and super-talented.

How did it feel to have your song as a theme song for Barbie?

Very cool. I mean, Barbie is known all around the world. So it's a big deal and it's just amazing to be associated with Barbie in the first place. She's amazing.

What do you most like to write about?

I write about a lot of things. I write about my life, real experiences that actually happen to me, but I also like to draw from films and things like that. They just come to me. Like, I don't sit down, like, OK, I'm writing a song -- it just happens really organically, like, it comes to me. I write it down, I go on my iPhone, type it into my phone and then, once I'm in the studio, I got back and look at what I've already done.

Have you ever had stage fright?

I've never had stage fright, ever.

Do you like starring in plays when you were little?

Yeah, I started out doing a lot of theater and that really got me into the business in the first place. . . . One day it will be cool to be on Broadway.

Do you think it's easier to perform with people or alone?

Definitely with people.

Can you tell me about who inspired you?

I don't have inspirations -- oh, here's a perfect one: Barbie is definitely a good inspiration for me. Just everything she's done inspired me -- be true to who you are, and the fact that you could do anything. Because Barbie is, pretty much, she's been [in] every occupation, she's been [a] princess, pop star, astronaut, there's nothing she hasn't done. Just powerful -- girls, do whatever you want. And also, her sense of style is top-notch. I'm definitely inspired by her fashion choices.

What is it like to be friends with the Jonas Brothers?

Really cool. Because I got to see them from when there's just five people in the room, to when they are in a huge arena.

How old were you when you started singing?

I was about 5.

How was your childhood been different from other children's?

Definitely been different. I was doing plays, and in the studio and everything. So after school, that's where I'd go instead of doing sports or anything like that. It's like coming together for me now.

What is your favorite song that you created?

Definitely one of my newer songs I'm working on right now. My favorite song is always the last song I just wrote. It's not released yet.

When is your birthday?

Nov. 4, I'm a Scorpio.

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