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Kidsday: It's always time for Legos

Legos are building blocks that you can make into whatever you want. They have been around since 1932. You can make buildings or vehicles out of Legos, and there are also space, Wild West, pirate, castle, dinosaur, underwater, TV show and movie-themed Legos. There are also Lego kits where you can create famous landmarks like the White House. There are video and board games, magazines, Lego stores -- and even six Legoland parks you can visit around the world.

I went to the Lego store in Rockefeller Center, and it was amazing to see all the different sets they sell and the huge Lego sculptures they have on display. I have a whole collection of Legos that I have built into all sorts of different things, but one of my favorites is my Lego watch. I can attach Legos to it while I'm wearing it so I can take these building blocks wherever I go and, as a bonus, I always know what time it is.

Why I love horseback riding

I've been horseback riding for 31 / 2 years. Horseback riding requires the involvement of the whole body and uses every muscle and joint. It's one of the very few activities that is therapeutic. The benefits of horseback riding are both mental and physical. Where I ride, they also have an indoor therapeutic riding program, which helps kids with autism, cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, Down syndrome and other issues.

Through lessons and exercises, the program helps to build confidence and self-esteem and to develop coordination and balance. Also, the movement and warmth of the horse can be soothing, helping spastic muscles to relax and rebuilding underused ones. Games are also played, so that it makes it fun to learn.

Horseback riding is a fun sport, and everyone should try it.

--Kidsday Reporter Olivia Schneider

Help endangered animals

If you love animals, you should look up World Wildlife Fund (WWF). is a website that you can go to and "adopt" any wild animal you can think of. They have seals, tigers, dolphins, polar bears, bald eagles and more. I adopted a red panda and an arctic fox. To adopt an animal, you can pick from a $25 adoption (for which you get an adoption certificate, species info card and photo), a $50 adoption (stuffed animal, adoption certificate, species info card, photo and gift bag) or $100 adoption (stuffed animal, framed certificate and photo and gift box). But if that is too much money, make a donation. Pick what works best for you. The money that you give will help endangered animals of all species. Please help.

--Kidsday Reporter Daniela Garey

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Lara McNally's fifth-grade peer mediators, IDLE HOUR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Oakdale


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