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Kidsday: Keke Palmer of 'Ice Age'

On Monday, we saw a screening of the movie "Ice Age: Continental Drift." It was great! The movie was very funny. The last movie, "Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs," ended with Peaches, the woolly mammoth, being born. In this movie, Peaches (voice by Keke Palmer) is now a teenager who wants to be independent from her parents. She also feels the pressure to fit in with other kids.

And just like the title of the movie says, the continents divide. Peaches and her mom, along with the herd, are separated from her dad, Manny, along with three friends. Manny and the gang spend the rest of the movie fighting (animal) pirates to get back to the family. We won't give the ending away, but we will say it was a happy one.

There were so many hysterical parts to the movie, it's hard to pick our favorite. But if we had to, we all loved when Sid, the sloth, was about to eat a berry he was told would paralyze him. He, of course, ate it anyway, saying, "I know my berries."

And this movie introduces lots of new characters. If you haven't seen the other three movies, don't worry. You won't be lost. We recommend seeing this movie in 3-D. Ray Romano and Denis Leary are back with their voices, but this movie also had favorites like Keke, Drake and Nicki Minaj. Right after we saw the movie, we sat down with Keke Palmer and talked to her about the movie.

How did it feel to work with Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez?

It was so cool. Knowing that I was going to be in the movie with them, and also I got to do a song with them; it was just really cool because who doesn't love them?

What does it feels like to be the baby?

It's really cool, and I could relate to the character. It's really fun to play a character that everybody will be able to identify with and everybody will understand you. As a young girl, she's growing up and she just wants to kind of get out there.

Is it weird to see yourself as a cartoon?

It is weird, and I feel very critical. I don't know why I sound like such a baby. In my mind, I thought I sound like a grown woman. When I listen to my character, Peaches, it's like why didn't anybody tell me I sound like a baby.

How do you like doing voice-overs compared to acting?

This is my first big animated feature ever. It's so much different from live action because you don't get to talk to anybody really, and it's all out of your imagination. So it's very different for me to imagine myself doing that and make my sounds as authentic as possible.

If you could change Peaches' attitude, would you?

No. I think she's perfect. I think she's really smart . . . but you see her really take a stand for what she believes in and make the right choices.

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