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Kidsday: Life with chickens

Having chickens is so much fun. My family has owned three chickens for the last two years. People think that they are mean and will peck at you.

Our chickens are Lucy, a red hen, Ethel, the blonde hen, and Franny, who is black with white dots. Franny is the prettiest of the three. The hens have personalities, too. Ethel is the nicest and Lucy is the one who follows you around.

When I go outside, I let them out of the coop and play with them. It's a blast. They love to eat grass and their feed. When you have something in your hand, they will jump up and eat it, especially Lucy. When we let them out of their coop, we have to be careful because hawks circle over our house, waiting for an opportunity to eat them. Once a hawk took Ethel, but only up four feet -- then she managed to escape.

The eggs they lay are delicious. Their eggs do not have baby chicks in them because they are not fertilized. They do not look like the eggs sold in supermarkets. They are more orange- and yellow-looking. You don't need salt when eating them because they are so good.

Having chickens is a lot of work, just like any other pet. We have to feed them, clean up after them and change their hay. It is also important to make sure that back gates are closed. And of course, watch for the hawks.

Other than that, they are so much fun to have and you will never get bored of them.

Visiting Freeport's Nautical Mile

The Nautical Mile on Woodcleft Avenue in Freeport is a marvelous place to go. It is especially exciting during the summer and fall. It's a little less crowded in the fall, which may make it a little easier getting around. Everyone of any age can enjoy the Mile.

There are more than 20 restaurants, ice-cream shops, pizzerias and cute little stores. You can dock your boat, or go on a fishing trip. Some people rent a party boat, and have their weddings aboard a ship. In 2004, an 18-hole mini golf course opened.

Being at the Mile can turn your frown upside down. Want to find out what's going on there? Visit the website:

--Kidsday Reporter Carlee Von Gerichten

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