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Kidsday: Locust Valley girl performs with Bruce Springsteen

Kidsday reporter Melissa Cooney of Locust Valley onstage

Kidsday reporter Melissa Cooney of Locust Valley onstage at the Izod Arena in New Jersey with Bruce Springsteen. She was called up on stage to sing "Waitin on a Sunny Day" with Bruce. (April 3, 2012) Credit: Handout

Have you ever had something happen in your life that was so special, so unexpected, that you didn't believe it was happening? This happened to me a year ago Wednesday.

I've been a Bruce Springsteen fan my whole life. And I mean my whole life. My mom has been a Springsteen fan since 1980, and probably has seen him 100 times. My dad's a fan, too. For as long as I can remember, I would hear Bruce songs in my car. I loved his music, and would even see occasional clips from his concerts on YouTube. I was always fascinated that my parents would go see Bruce again and again. In fact, when my mom was eight months' pregnant with me, she had second-row tickets to see Bruce at the Meadowlands on July 18, 1999, but had to miss the show because I was born one month early on that very day! It has been a great part of our family history that I made my mom miss the show when she had great seats.

Flash forward to April 3, 2012. I made a neon sign that said on one side "My First Concert" and on the other side "I'm 12 and I've been Waiting on a Sunny Day!" At almost every concert, Bruce will pick a kid from the audience and sing with him to "Waitin' on a Sunny Day."

The lights went down and Bruce came out. My dad put me on his shoulders so I could see better, and a few times Bruce waved to me! About halfway through the show, my dad picked me up and I held up my "Sunny Day" sign. Bruce saw that sign, and pointed but kept going to the opposite side of the stage. Then, like a flash, he turned around and started to walk toward me again. He asked me, "Can you sing?" Was he really talking to me? Before I knew what was happening, my dad lifted me onto the stage. He handed me the microphone. I started singing right next to Bruce. The crowd was going crazy. Bruce whispered to me, "Say, 'Louder everybody,' " so I did. Then Bruce asked me if I wanted to do the knee slide with him. We both ran and slid across the stage. My boot got caught on something because I fell on my face. Embarrassing! But I didn't want it to end that way, so I got up and did another one. When we were done he picked me up and carried me back to my dad.

I was so overwhelmed I cried. Throughout the show, Bruce kept coming by and waving to me. But then something insane happened -- again! Bruce sang my favorite, "Out in the Streets." When he came toward our section, he held the microphone toward me to sing the chorus. Then, ever so secretly, he put his guitar pick in the palm of my hand. It was the coolest thing ever. I showed my mom. She screamed.

People generously sent us pictures, and strangers filmed and posted the whole thing on YouTube so we can enjoy the memories for years to come! 

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