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Good Evening

Kidsday: Making a cigar box guitar

I have been building cigar box guitars with my father, Andrew, for about two years.

When I was in fourth grade, I watched a tutorial on how to build a cigar box guitar. It consists of an empty cigar box, a 3-foot-long piece of oak, maple or other type of wood, guitar strings, tuners and some other items.

Finding an empty cigar box isn't too hard. I just go to any cigar shop with my father and ask for an empty cigar box.

I recommend getting your lumber next. This can easily be found at The Home Depot or in a lumberyard. When you buy the wood for your guitar, look for a piece that's 3/4 inch deep by 11/2 inches wide. I generally pick up a small bolt for the string nut, an eye bolt for the bridge and some screws to be the string guides and to attach the neck to the box. I also get a hinge for making a tailpiece. I usually order the tuning pegs online.

The directions are a bit complicated for a beginner. To see a demonstration, visit YouTube and search for cigar box guitars.

Now that's funny

What did the lawyer name her daughter?


--Victoria Kumari

Why was the cop sleeping?

He was undercover.

--Rose Cunningham

What kind of cake do you get at a cafeteria?

A stomach-cake

--Meg Cotter

Which is the laziest mountain?


--Katie Belmonte

What happens if your nose runs and your feet smell?

You were built upside down. Your feet are supposed to run, and your nose is supposed to smell.

--Elise Gonzalez

Two nuts were walking through the park. One was a-salted.

--Katie Belmonte

What did the shellfish say when the starfish teased him?

"You are making me crabby."

--Alexa Blandenburgo

What has a head, a tail but no legs?

A coin.

--Jonathan Lopez

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