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Kidsday: Mamma Santina's is the best

One of the most popular South Shore pizzerias for Bay Shore students is Mamma Santina's. We stopped by to find out what makes it so good, and were we ever surprised!

After meeting the staff, we were able to make our own pizzas. It was a wonderful experience. We were lucky to have Mamma's manager and chef Giovanni DiGirolamo give us a tour and teach us some pizza secrets.

He taught us how to make a pizza, cook it and pour sodas from the fountain. We learned how important it is to spread out all the ingredients evenly, so the pie comes out just right.

We all helped make a beautiful pie with three different types of toppings, but most of us enjoyed the plain. Lunch was served in the comfortable dining room! A fresh pie with sausage, meatballs and cheese!

Giovanni and the guys weren't finished yet. We were treated to a dessert called tartufo that was delicious. Tartufo is vanilla and chocolate ice cream in the shape of a ball with a chocolate shell. In the middle is a cherry with a hint of chopped almonds, with whipped cream and delicious raspberry sauce. Can you imagine?

We asked a lot of questions. Giovanni said plain cheese pizza is the most popular, and that at certain times of the year they can make up to 100 pies a day. When you've grown up making pizza like Giovanni has, you will get used to things like making about 24,000 pizzas a year.

In the restaurant, there are a lot of pictures. Most of the employees grew up making pizza and ended up working at the most popular place in town. When we asked Giovanni why Mamma's is so popular, his answer was easy: consistent food and good service.

If you like Italian food, then you should head to Mamma Santina's at 201 Orinoco Dr. in Brightwaters, meet Giovanni and have a delicious slice. Don't forget to try the tartufo!

Visit or call 631-665-7880.

Try tubing

If you like water, and if you like going fast, then tubing is perfect for you.

Tubing is an activity that you do in late spring or summer. You sit on a tube, and a boat pulls you around. You can fit as many people as you want, depending on the tube's size.

For beginners, you should go 15 to 20 miles an hour until you get used to it. Tubing is the most fun when you go fast and have big bumps. If you live near Great South Bay like we do, the water is usually perfect.

If you have two people on a three-person tube, you can go flying and fast. When one person falls off, you have to move to the middle so you center your weight and won't fall off. Tubing is one of the best summertime water activities. Give it a try, have fun and be sure to wear a life jacket!

-- JACOB SPERLING/Kidsday Reporter

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