Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Kidsday: Mark Wood's Bethpage concert

Mark Wood came to Bethpage High last school year for a rock concert where he played with the middle school and high school orchestra.

His "Electrify Your Strings" program is awesome; he visits schools all around the country to help raise awareness of the greatness of music in schools.

When Mark was growing up, his dad was a sculptor and had violin strings on his sculptures. Mark Wood made a replica of a Jimi Hendrix Stratocaster into an electric violin. People started buying so many of them, he decided to call them Wood violins.

Now he goes on tours and works with celebrities. He has been playing since the age of 12 and has played with stars such as Celine Dion, Lenny Kravitz and Billy Joel.

When Mark Wood came to our school, he played a lot of hard rock like Hendrix, AC/DC, Metallica and Led Zeppelin. I really appreciated it and had a good time because I like to play rock on my drums. It was an exciting concert. Check Mark's website to find out if he can visit your school: markwoodmusic .com.

Charting the weather

Every Wednesday in my math class, we do Weather Wednesdays. Before we go outside, we make our predictions of what the weather will be.

After we predict, it's time to go out to the front of our school. Our teacher hangs up the thermometer, and we have to wait a little bit for the thermometer to get to the right temperature. Then when it is at the right temperature, we draw a picture of our thermometer on a clipboard with the temperature. Next, it's time to go back upstairs and talk about the temperature. We write the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius on a chart. After that, we plot the temperature on a line graph. Finally, we fill out a conclusion on our sheets.

In our conclusion, we compare the temperature from last week. By the end of the school year, we will have a graph and a chart with temperatures from the whole year.

--Kidsday Reporter Jake Fikar

Learning with iPads

Our class has iPads. Since we only have two computers in our classroom, we were not able to work on projects at the same time. The school district thought it would help us to have iPads. We were the first class in our district to get them.

We are doing a stock market project, and we look up our stocks every day. We also look up definitions, look at pictures in science and spelling, watch BrainPOP (educational videos,) take notes and research information.

Some of the apps we use are Smithsonian, NASA, Science360, ESPN, spelling apps and Photo Booth. We also do a reading program called Achieve3000. I like the iPad. It is easy to carry around, and we can do lots of things on them. I think all students should have iPads.

--Kidsday Reporter Jake Fikar

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Students of Kristen Dorazio, Suanne Keller, Tara Pizzuto, Shannon Maloney, JOHN F. KENNEDY MIDDLE SCHOOL, Bethpage

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