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Kidsday meets Sebastian Maniscalo at the Beacon Theatre

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco with Kidsday reporters Daniya Yousuf,

Comedian Sebastian Maniscalco with Kidsday reporters Daniya Yousuf, left, Iris Wu, Sanjiv Jewram, Steven Shi and Joseph Naula. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

There we were, sixth-grade students from the top school in Queens — MS74 — ready to interview the funniest guy in America, Sebastian Maniscalco. To our surprise, in came the nicest person you’ll ever meet. We thought he was going to be an outgoing person, but in came a friendly and shy guy. He entered the room at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan with a huge smile on this face and he sat down across from us.

We started to fire questions at him while he answered them honestly. Each of us got to ask our top three questions, while we smiled until our jaws dropped. We started by asking him if he was bullied as a kid and he said yes, but surprisingly it was by a girl on the bus, who was shooting spitballs at him. We learned a lot about his life such as how he played soccer and basketball at a young age but he was really bad at basketball. He wanted to learn how to play football but his parents disagreed because it was too dangerous. We also found out that he is going to be in three movies, “The House,” “Nut Job 2,” and “Cruise.” Along with the three movies he is also starting his own TV show called “Sebastian Says.”

We asked many different types of questions such as this one about how he felt about making people laugh, “Being the funniest guy in America do you feel any pressure?” He answered that he felt a lot of pressure but it was enjoyable, making people laugh made him feel good inside. Also he said he felt more comfortable talking to the audience than to a small group like us. We also asked about how he felt about performing the same skit over and over and he answered that he do, but he tries to add new materials for every new show.

One of the funniest answers was when we asked him if he ever got stage fright or stage fight. Sebastian answered that he did get stage fright but no stage fight ever took place. However, he said once there was a guy in the audience who took off his shirt and wanted to fight him and that guy ended up being thrown out. So after we asked him these questions we took a few pictures with him and we were on our way home. We couldn’t believe that the interview was over so quick, it was truly a one in a life time experience. We would never forget this unbelievably awesome evening. If you have never enjoyed his comedy, check him out on YouTube. This Saturday night he is filming his new comedy special at the Beacon Theatre in Manhattan.

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