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Kidsday: Movie Under the Stars

Do you have a Movie Under the Stars night at your school? Well, we do. Our PTA organizes it. This school year, our movie was "Madagascar 3." We go out into the courtyard and watch the movie projected on a big screen. People bring blankets and chairs. If it's raining, we go into the gym.

We get snacks and drinks (popcorn, ice cream, Sprite, apple juice, Coke and water.) As we munch on snacks, we watch the movie. Movies are always fun with snacks.

They have different types of movies. Here are some other examples of movies we have seen under the stars: "Madagascar," "Madagascar 2," "Snow White's Scary Adventures" and "Cinderella." Movie Under the Stars is awesome.

After-school workshops

After-school workshops happen at our school once a week. They are hourlong activities taught by teachers.

Every time you go to after-school workshops, you do an activity. For example, in arts and crafts, you might make a color wheel. In cooking, you can make brownies, cupcakes and a lot of other foods.

We have so much fun doing activities with friends and meeting new kids.

Once you go to the first day of a workshop, you are always looking forward to it every week.

Some after-school workshops are: crafts, cooking, creative bookmaking, origami, digital photography, math problem solving and physical fitness.

After-school workshops are the best.

--Kidsday Reporters Samantha Misciagna and Kennedy Trimble

Family Fun Night

On Family Fun Night, families compete against each other to have fun. It's held in the cafeteria of our school, John H. West in Bethpage.

A man named Al comes in to run the night like a game show. Families are asked trivia questions and they buzz in when they know the answer. If one of the families loses, they have to do a physical challenge.

Family Fun Night is exciting because you don't know what physical challenge you're going to do. In the cafeteria, they auction off special prizes like doing the morning announcements, being a gym teacher for a day or even being the principal for a day. Al shouts out things he wants people to bring up to him. He usually shouts out things like tissues, lip gloss/lip balm, police badges, or even something simple like a paper clip.

I really like Family Fun Night. I would give it the top 5-star rating. And I would encourage all my friends to go there that night.

--Kidsday Reporter Kennedy Trimble

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Barbara Feder-Murdock, Jennifer Higgins and Ronell Press fourth-grade class, JOHN H. WEST SCHOOL, Bethpage

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