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Kidsday: My eraser collection takes shape

I collect erasers. I have food, fashion, heart, Halloween, sports and many other erasers. A friend got me interested in collecting erasers. My erasers remind me of different times in my life. My Halloween pumpkin erasers remind me of the time that my aunt and uncle took me to the pumpkin farm. We all got to pick three pumpkins, and the pumpkins were so heavy that my uncle had to carry them for me.

My spool of thread and needle eraser is my aunt's favorite one. She said it reminds her of a statue in the fashion district in Manhattan of a giant needle going through a button. The information booth has a table inside that is shaped like a giant spool of thread.

The Christmas erasers remind me of our celebration at our cousin's house. We go there every year. They have a singing Santa on the lawn, and they love snowmen. The lava lamp is my grandma's favorite one. She said that it reminds her of the 1960s.

This collection means so much to me, and I have 140 erasers in all. My friend and I trade erasers when we have a playdate.

Help in making nutritious choices

King Kullen employees visited our school for health and nutrition month. They introduced the NuVal nutritional system. The NuVal System ( nuval) scores food with a number between 1 and 100. NuVal Scores all kinds of food -- from cookies to watermelon. NuVal scores compare overall nutrition the way you compare price.

King Kullen is the only company on Long Island to participate in this system. It helps us buy and make healthy choices. For example, instead of eating apple sauce that has a value of 4, eat the apple that has a score of 96. Making healthy choices helps you and your body stay healthy. Next time you are in King Kullen, check the NuVal score for your foods.

--Kidsday Reporters Brianna Murante and Emily Young

The rewards of Mom's garden

I love to work in my mom's garden.

What I love about gardening is digging the holes for the plants and flowers.

You have to make sure you dig holes deep enough so the plants can get the proper vitamins. We grow sunflowers, tomatoes, peppers, green beans and lettuce.

In the summer, we get to enjoy all of these tasty vegetables. I am so glad the weather is warm, so we can work together again.

--Kidsday Reporter Jeaninne Rotsheld

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