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Good Evening

Kidsday: My pet rats

The usual pets are dogs and cats, but what I have is very unusual. I have rats. When someone says rats, the first thing you would think of is those ugly creatures jumping out of trash cans and running around a subway station. If you thought that is what my pets are like, you thought wrong.

The names of my rats are Artemis, Athena and Persephone. My sister and I named them that because we love Greek mythology. Those are the names of three goddesses. The littlest one is Artemis. We got Athena and Persephone at the same time. We got Artemis a week after Athena and Persephone.

Rats are fun and friendly creatures. They are easy to take care of and great companions. In a way they are like tiny dogs. You can teach them tricks, they can watch TV with you, and much more. The one thing you cannot do is let them run free. They can get into any small space. You should get the shaved pine bedding and change that every other week. Also, once a month you should give them a bath. Never get one rat; get at least two. If they become lonely, they will be vicious. It will start to hide from you, bite and maybe even stop eating because it is depressed. You should take it out the cage at least once or twice a day. If you are afraid holding pets, don't get a rat.

Game review: Kung-Fu High Impact

I tested the XBox 360 Kinect video game Kung-Fu High Impact (Ignition Games). I played the game with my brother, who is 7, and we both had so much fun playing the game.

You feel like you're a ninja and you're actually fighting in real life. I've never played a game like this before where I felt like the villains were actually in my living room trying to fight me.

When you play the game, you also get a lot of exercise by moving around, so much it's just so fun and exciting. The game would be enjoyable for both boys and girls.

--Kidsday Reporter Sam Green

Library volunteering

Over the summer I do volunteer work at the East Meadow Public Library. I stock shelves for about an hour, and it goes into my records for community service. I'm in the National Junior Honor Society, so the hours of community service are necessary for me.

While working at the library, I became friends with my librarians, and some of them told me I would be perfect for the Tween Advisory Board. I signed up for the Tween Advisory Board and it's really fun.

I've made a lot of new friends from my neighborhood whom I'd I never met before. Doing community service in the library has opened me to many opportunities, and it's a really enjoyable thing to do.

--Kidsday Reporter Sam Green

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Sandra Saitta's seventh-grade class, TRINITY LUTHERAN SCHOOL, Hicksville

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