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Kidsday: Nothing shady about them

Are you looking for a stylish way to protect your eyes? Well, the Real Kids Shades (RKS) are what you are looking for. We were impressed by the quality and style of the glasses. The RKS sunglasses provide UV protection for your eyes. They are so comfortable because of their flexible rubber frames. Lots of them come with straps and cases, too.

RKS sunglasses are very comfortable, with an adjustable strap. These sunglasses are always lead free and very safe for kids. Nicole thinks these sunglasses are very safe and comfortable. Grace thinks that they are awesome, too. Vanessa thinks they are comfortable and great for sports or going to the beach. They are so tough and durable. We also liked that besides being so good looking, they are affordable, less than $20, which is good because no matter how safe and durable they are, we will probably lose them and have to get another pair.

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Backpack testing

I tested a new backpack from Squid Packs. I had to see if I liked it or not. I also had to see if it's big, small or strong. When I looked at the backpack, I wondered what the orange strap was for. I read the directions, which said the strap is for holding the backpack.

What makes these backpacks good is that you get to design your own. The company offers different straps to dress it up, and there are lots of holes so you can change the size as you grow or if you have a jacket on.

I liked the orange strap because I never saw this type of strap on a backpack. There are so many colors and styles. I also liked the design of the strap on the backpack. Another thing I liked is that it can hold lots of books. I also liked that it has an MP3 player holder and a holder for headphones. And the front pocket has lots of space. I could fit notebooks, clothes, a lunchbox, small books and much more. It is not just for school books, it is good for the beach, camping or wherever you go!

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-- ANDY ORDONEZ/Kidsday Reporter

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