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Are you listening to your teacher?

Credit: Kidsday staff artist / Sofia Zhiminaicela, Hampton Bays

Most kids may think they are free to not listen in school, but let’s get back to reality. You are going to need to know science, math, English language arts and social studies for your job when you are older.

One of the most important things you need to know to act as an adult at your job (and school is your job!) is the rules, even from first grade — for example, patience. You need to have patience anywhere you go, like at a restaurant. You will have to wait for your food and for your order to be taken. It is important to learn all the rules.

Math is a subject that is often favored over others, but many kids struggle with it. Math is a subject that you are going to have to know when you get older. For example, when it comes to money, it’s a basic skill to be able to count.

English language arts is a very important subject because it is communicating, reading and writing. You need to know how to read to get around.

Science is important if you want to become a scientist or a biologist. A scientist finds new discoveries, and a biologist studies life. You do not only need to know science for a job — it is a part of your everyday life.

And with social studies, when you are older you should know the study of human society.

These are just some reasons you need to listen in school.

Mary Ralph’s fifth-grade class, South Oceanside Elementary School, School #4

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