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Kidsday: Our food tour of Citi Field

There is so much good food to eat when you go to see the Mets at Citi Field. Besides seeing the Amazins play, there are restaurants and lots of food stands in the ballpark.

We decided to take a food tour of Citi Field. We arrived a few hours before game time and visited the restaurants and stands.

We started our tour at the Acela Club. It was one of four restaurants that we visited. They also have Champions Club, Caesars Club and the Promenade Club. These restaurants have great food and nice views of the field, so you won't miss any of the action.

The Acela Club looked a little too fancy for us, but we were so impressed with the different food choices. You might need to make reservations at these clubs.

While there, we got to meet the amazing people who cook and serve for all of Citi Field. Interviewing was fun; we got to meet the chefs behind the counter and ask them questions like, "What kind of food do you serve?" and "Have you ever served the Mets players?" Some of the chefs had met and served members of the team.

Next, we visited the Food Court. So many more great choices! You can get freshly made pizza, pastrami sandwiches, sausage and peppers, and pulled pork sandwiches at Blue Smoke, great fries at Box Frites, chicken tenders and tasty burgers at Cafe Roma.

There are Carvel ice cream stands, fresh fish at Catch of the Day and so much more. But our favorite was the Shake Shack. The burgers and fries were great, but the famous black and white shake was amazing! If you get there early, the wait is not too bad, but expect a line later.

Another very special thing about the Mets ballpark is that they use fresh ingredients and try to make their food very healthy. All the vendors were very nice to the customers, too! That is what we thought of our trip to Citi Field.

The Mets are lucky to have such a staff in their great stadium. Not only did we get to interview chefs, but we saw a great Mets game. Because we were there as guests of the Mets, they actually brought us down to the field, and we stayed in the Mets dugout for a few minutes. How exciting! We even got to sit in a media room where reporters get to ask Mets manager Terry Collins questions. We were amazed at all the questions these reporters had for just one person.

If you don't go to Citi Field for the Mets, come to experience all the wonderful creations these chefs offer to the public!

You can watch our tour of the stadium food court. Go to

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