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Kidsday: Our Scientific Animation Club

I am part of the Scientific Animation Club. We named the kids working in my group the SiFi 6. We are making a short movie using stop-motion animation. In stop-motion animation, you make a character out of clay, and you move it little by little, and you take a picture each time. This kind of movie takes very long to make.

First, you have to choose an idea. Our movie will be about deforestation. Then, you have to make a story board. On a story board, you write down all the events in your movie. You can also draw pictures. Make sure that your movies are simple, because they are not easy to animate.

Next, you have to make your characters. Use colored clay that doesn't dry. Your characters must be flat. Remember that you will have to move your character. Next, you will make your background. I recommend using a piece of cardboard. To animate your character, move it very little. Then, take a picture. Keep moving and taking pictures until done. Then, edit the pictures on the computer to make them become a video.

Remember, this takes lots of practice. You may not get it right on your first try. This also takes lots of time. It can take months before you finish. Keep in mind that the most important thing is to have fun.

Ponder our riddle

A magician claimed that he could throw a ping-pong ball and the ball would go a short distance, come to a complete stop, then reverse itself. He also added that he could not bounce the ball off something or tie anything to it. How could he do this trick?

Answer: He threw the ball straight up in the air.

--Kidsday Reporters Julia Norris and Jillian Simon

Now that's funny

What kind of dance do chips do?


-- Brianna Lennon

Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Barbie who?

Barbecued chicken

-- Nick Grosskopf

What do you get when you mix puppies and rabbits?


-- Ryan Steel

What is the center of gravity?

The letter V.

-- Michael Huff

CLASS OF THE WEEK: George Marino's sixth-grade class, EASTPORT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL

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