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Kidsday: Our visit to Entenmann's Bakery

We were lucky enough to visit Bay Shore's famous Entenmann's Bakery. We were greeted by security guards and workers and learned that this was a special day for everyone: It was Rich Frosted's 40th birthday.

Who is Rich Frosted? It's a chocolate doughnut that Entenmann's has been making for the last 40 years. Chances are, you've had one or 100 of them.

We started our visit with a tour that required us to wear special hard hats, eye protection and earplugs. We began our walk and saw line after line of cake dough being curled into strudel and pastries. It all continued down the line to be inspected by workers, then to giant ovens. On the other end was the finished product, ready to be boxed.

After that, we went to the test kitchen and had an actual birthday party, where we celebrated Rich's birthday by decorating doughnuts of our own. We had a huge birthday cake and were able to take home boxes and boxes of our favorite treats. We each received a T-shirt and our own Rich Frosted doll. It was a great day.

Our crabfest

You can catch crabs on Long Island all summer, but it is not until late August into September that they are full size.

My family and I like to go out late at night on my dad's boat when the moon is full. We usually go under the Robert Moses Causeway, trolling along under the lights. Dad drives the boat and keeps a lookout for crabs just under the surface. We stand ready with long crab nets to scoop them up.

It's tricky, because they're quick. You have to scoop under the crab while the boat glides slowly by. Sometimes, when the moonlight is not enough, we use a spotlight to trick the crab to the water's surface. It's lots of fun and worth all the work. After catching crabs and throwing back the little ones and females (so they can keep laying eggs), we head home with a cooler full of crabs.

How do you cook them? You can cook them in sauce to eat with pasta, or steam them in water with lemon. When you return home, immediately rinse the crabs off. My mom always cooks them the same night we bring them home. Once the water is boiling, drop a few crabs in at a time. Let them cook at a rapid boil for 10 minutes and remove. Cool them down and have a feast.

We melt butter to dip the crab meat into. The crabs are so sweet. Be prepared with lots of napkins, and don't forget nutcrackers and picks. We spread out paper bags for easy cleanup. We eat with our hands and make a mess.

-- SABRINA SIMONETTI/Kidsday Reporter

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