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Kidsday: Our Woodworkers Club

Peter Cisek is a fourth-grade teacher who has created an after-school program at Frank P. Long Intermediate School for kids to learn about building things and working with their hands. The club is the Woodworkers Club. It is a club where you learn how to make a chair, table, wooden people, posts for birdhouses, Adirondack chairs, birdhouses, bird feeders or a workbox.

Mr. Cisek is a funny man and a great teacher, so we interviewed him. He told us that he began the club in an unusual way. He said, "I was driving and listening to the radio, and heard they were offering seed money for projects. I jumped at the chance, and became a grand finalist and won. I received $500 and started the Woodworkers Club."

He told us his favorite thing to make is an Adirondack chair. He gets his materials from different places, but you might find him picking up donated lumber from local suppliers to arrange student kits.

A club makes homework fun

In our school, we have the Homework Club. Our teacher, Kristen Christie, is our adviser. H.W. Club meets once a week in her classroom.

It's a place where you can get help with your homework or just a quiet place to go and get your work done if it is too noisy at home because of little brothers and sisters who like to annoy you. Homework Club is a lot of fun. It is fun because it helps you. When you do homework, it is good because it also gives you practice. It is good practice because when it is time for the state tests, you can remember a lot. When you do homework, it stays in your head and helps you remember most of what you learned.

--Kidsday Reporter Janaisha Austin

Rewarded with Fun Fridays

The whole point of Fun Friday is enjoying time with your friends. We win Fun Friday by earning points throughout the week, and we have it on Friday afternoon. If we don't win enough points, then we don't have Fun Friday.

If you owe homework or class work, you have to finish it before you can play. If we don't earn Fun Friday, we sit around and do class work. We have board games that we play and other types of games, and we also can read or draw.

Most kids like to play the game Connect Four or draw. We have Fun Friday during the last period of the day or the last 40 minutes of the day. It's a great way to end the week.

--Kidsday Reporters Leonardo Argueta and Conor Fargione

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Kristin Christie's fourth-grade class, FRANK P. LONG INTERMEDIATE SCHOOL, Bellport

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