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Kidsday: Playing Nat Geo on Xbox

Do you like nature and have a Kinect sensor? Then the Xbox 360 game Nat Geo is the right one for you. It is a game that explains the lives of animals.

Disc 1 explains the life of a bear and how this guy becomes friends with the bear. In disc 2 they explain a wolf's life, an owl's life and other animals' lives in Yellowstone Park winters. I think it is a good game because it teaches kids about nature; they can experience nature by playing as the animal when the games come.

It gives you lots of information: For example, a mommy bear is really protective with her cub. If another family wants to do something to the cub, the mom will get so angry she could scratch badly, and that will leave a mark.

If I ever get bored, this will help me because then I won't complain to my parents. If you have to choose a smart teaching game, or choose one Xbox game, it should be the Nat Geo. I bet whoever loves nature will love this game. You feel as if you're actually there. It's the best game ever.

Book review: 'Dear Know-It-All'

Have you ever read the book, "Dear Know-It-All: A Level Playing Field" by Rachel Wise (Simon Spotlight)? Well, you should because it is a really wonderful book, and I bet you will like it.

This book has two characters, Michael and Samantha. Samantha has a huge crush on Michael, who is on the football team. Samantha and Michael write newspaper articles; they work for the Cherry Valley Middle School newspaper.

Samantha is Dear Know-It-All; she is the person who responds to letters that the children in the school write. She likes Michael, but they disagree on a big thing the school is doing.

Michael got into an argument with Samantha on the phone about a program that the school district was about to start. Samantha and Michael are writing an article about the Pay For Play program. This program would allow the school district to start charging for after-school sports programs.

Michael is against this program because he plays football. One of the best players left the team because his family didn't have enough money to be able to pay for the program. Samantha isn't really against it, because she isn't in any of the sports programs, and she wants to be able to let the school district raise enough money to be able to buy some things or make renovations.

I recommend this book to kids who are interested in books that will keep you in suspense until the very end. I hope you like this book because I liked it a lot!

--Kidsday Reporter Isabella Aalto

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