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Kidsday: Public vs. private school

I have been to public and private schools. Right now, I am enrolled in Trinity Lutheran School in Hicksville, and I like it a lot. There are good things about my private school, and there are good things about going to public schools. Here are my top five reasons for both:

Public school

1. You get to dress down.

2. It was close to my home.

3. I made a lot of new friends from all sorts of backgrounds.

4. I learned a lot of different skills.

5. I also learned how to deal with a lot of drama.

Private school

1. You don't have to worry about what you are wearing.

2. I liked the more personalized education.

3. I've been on some great school trips.

4. I like the selection of after-school activities.

5. I got to learn more about religions.

Game review: Star Wars Kinect

The Xbox 360 video game, Star Wars Kinect (LucasArts/

Microsoft Studios is an awesome game that almost everyone could find entertaining.

The game offers mini-games and story mode. The mini-games are composed of racing, destruction, dancing, and you can even duel with a friend in battle. The story mode is basically about a padiwan (you) in a made-up part of the "Star Wars" saga. The story mode is multiplayer co-op. The game is rated T for teens, but can still be a fun family game.

The game can be a bit complicated at first, but after a little bit of practice, most gamers will get the hang of it. Out of all the Kinect games I have played, this is the best. I think fans of "Star Wars" movie series will enjoy it the most.

Rating: 5 out of 5

--Kidsday Reporter Benjamin Clingen

Now that's funny

What did the devil say to the angel?

"You've got some hot wings."

--Calehya Boisrond

What did the baby corn say to the momma corn?

"Where's popcorn?"

--Mary Martone

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Sandra Saitta's seventh-grade class, TRINITY LUTHERAN SCHOOL, Hicksville

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