Good Morning
Good Morning

Kidsday quiz: Are you an adult or a kid?

Ever wonder if you are growing up too fast? Ever want to be just a kid for as long as you can without any worries? Take my fun quiz and find out where you stand:

When shopping, do you look at the price tag:

Before trying on the garment.

Not at all.

After trying on the garment.

If you could, would you rather go to:

A relaxing island for a week by yourself.

Six Flags with your friends.

Disney with your family.

How do you relax?

Aromatherapy, opera music and a bubble bath.

A night out with your friends.

A movie night with your parents.

How do you wake yourself up in the morning?

A cup of hot coffee.

Your favorite party songs in your headphones.

A bath.

You are deciding what dessert to have at a party:

I'll just have a coffee, thank you.

Ice pops.

Nothing at all.

You have a choice of movies:

A documentary on politics.

An Adam Sandler comedy.

"Beauty and the Beast," followed by "Aladdin."

You see a commercial for a treatment that supposedly instantly gets rid of dark circles under your eyes. Do you:

Automatically disbelieve.

Search on your phone to see if any celebrities you like have used it.

Can't wait to try it out!

You are in a heated debate with your friend. That person seems to be making less and less sense. Suddenly you:

Take a big breath and walk away.

Blurt out everything you hate about the person and walk away.

Burst into tears and beg for forgiveness.

You have the option on buying a phone:

Whatever, I just need to be able to call.

A smartphone.

A non-smartphone.

You are getting your nails done. Do you get:

Natural brown.

Crazy colors with sparkles and zebra tips.

A French manicure.

If you chose answer No. 2 for all the questions, you are still a kid. Enjoy it . . . you might be getting a little older every day!

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