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Kidsday: Rating holiday gifts


I checked out the Activity Chair (PlayWow). It is a blowup chair that has a lot of things on it to keep your baby brother or sister occupied for a long time. It has toys you could play with around the chair. It has little pockets, things that make noise to entertain, and even a little book. Also, you could just sit on it and watch TV. I like this toy because if you have younger siblings, they would probably like the chair. The Activity Chair is small and portable and you could take it anywhere.

Ages 3 to 5

Rating 5 of 5


Nickelodeon / Fisher Price

If you love Dora the Explorer and gymnastics, this is the toy for you. She does magical routines by herself. She also has four full routines. She has seven moves if you press her star. Some of those moves are handstands, backbends, splits and more. She talks every time you press the star. I liked this toy because it was fun to play with. Also, it was fun to see all the different moves Dora can do. I thought Dora was so so cute. I love Dora. It was fun to listen to Dora talk and sing about gymnastics. Dora was so much fun to play with.

Ages 3 and older

Rating 5 of 5

-- Kidsday Reporter Juliana Lamarca

Now that's funny

Why did the baseball player get arrested?

He stole second base.

-- Nicholas Bruno

What do a chicken and a band have in common?

They both have drumsticks.

-- Nicholas Bruno

When is a baby good at basketball?

When the baby's dribbling.

-- Catherine Acierno

The Winx Club fairy had to take a cab because her wings were broken. What did the cabdriver say to her?

"No fairy for you!"

-- Tricia Milito

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