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Kidsday: Rating holiday toys


(Hasbro / Playskool)

I tested the Tinkertoy Transit Building Set. There are 150 pieces and an instruction book with 15 building ideas. This toy doesn't need batteries and is made by putting pieces together to form objects like a train. The pieces given to you have different colors, shapes and sizes. For example, there are pieces that look like eyes, hats, hair, colorful wheels and sticks.

I think this set is good. I liked it because I like building things. My sister and I played with it. She liked it because I told her how to make a flower. I think some kids might not like it because they think it is for babies.

Rating: 5 of 5

Ages: 4 and older

-- Kidsday Reporter Ethan Fortaleza



With your imagination, you can create your very own story. The set has 342 pieces, including a Victorian-gated house, furniture, a horse and buggy, a car, 11 characters and a dog. When putting it together, I had to ask my grandma to help me because there were a lot of pieces. I had a lot of fun putting it together. When it was finally done, it was so beautiful. I loved the flower beds with all the colors. It seemed like everything was so real. There was wallpaper on the walls, and windows that swing open and closed. The house also has an attic, but you can't really go up. I loved the toy because it came with a window that opens and shuts. I also loved it because the door opens, too, and it has a lot of people. With all of the furniture in the house, it was able to hold up to five characters.

Rating: 4 of 5

Ages: 5 to 10

-- Kidsday Reporter Alexia Garcia


I took home a Lego Star Wars Gungan Sub. This toy is a building toy with 465 pieces. The Lego Star Wars Gungan Sub has four figures. You have to put Lego pieces together, and it becomes the Gungan Sub, which is a toy submarine that looks like a space ship. I liked this toy because building it was a challenge. After I was done building it, I had fun. There were a couple of pieces that were hard to put together. I had help from my mom and dad.

Rating: 5 of 5

Ages: 9 and older

-- Kidsday Reporter Michael Majano

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Ellen Kresic's fourth-grade class, WILLIAM E. DELUCA JR. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, North Babylon

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