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Kidsday reporters meet author Linda Fairstein

Author Linda Fairstein meets Kidsday reporters from Westhampton

Author Linda Fairstein meets Kidsday reporters from Westhampton Beach at the Harbor Book Store in Sag Harbor. The students are, from left, Stephanie Reynoso, Brynn Reilly and Zoe Stokes, all age 10. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

Recently we met author Linda Fairstein who wrote the book “Devlin Quick: Into The Lion’s Den,” (Dial Books) when she was visiting Harbor Books in Sag Harbor.

She said she wrote the book because she loved mystery books growing up. As an adult, she was a prosecutor for the Manhattan’s District Attorney’s office. When she decided not to be a prosecutor anymore, she wrote adult books based on crime. She has written more than 18 adults books and this is her first children’s book.

Meeting her was so great. We wanted to find out more about her and why she writes books. We all thought it was very fun. We learned it takes hard work, enthusiasm, and a big imagination to write books.

At the interview, we asked her questions about the book and about her writing it. One of the questions was asked by Stephanie. Her question: Was it hard to write the book? Linda said yes because once she started the book sometimes she forgot and had to start up again.

Another question was asked by Brynn. Her question was “Why were your main characters Liza and Devlin in summer school?” Linda said Devlin’s mom was very busy and couldn’t take care of Devlin. Liza got a scholarship to go to the academy, and Liza and her parents said yes.

Our other question was asked by Zoe. Her question was “Have you ever gotten the Newberry award?” Linda said no because she has been writing adult books, and the Newberry is for kids books. “Into the Lions Den” is Linda’s first children’s book.

You should check out Linda’s book, we rate it 5 out of 5 smiles. It is a mystery that kids can really relate to.

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