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Kidsday review: Arckit Go Colours and Arckit 90

Kidsday reporters Anna Goodman and Dante Salgado with

Kidsday reporters Anna Goodman and Dante Salgado with Arckit Go Colours Credit: Susan Danzig

We tested out two new building sets from Arckit: Go Colours and 90.

Arckit Go Colours is for kids 10 and older. With these blocks, you can make whatever design you want or go with the directions. There are 179 pieces. The price is $59.99. The structure we made was a really cool design. It had two floors with stairs surrounding the exterior of the building. We think that the bottom floor is easier to build than the top floor.

The Arckit was very fun and entertaining, but hard. There are many parts, so don’t get confused. For attaching corner pieces, be sure to use the yellow pieces with interlocking corners. For the roof, be sure to use the small bluish-green pieces in the correct order. (They are all marked “This way up.”)

Arckit 90 is a more challenging set. This kit ($99.99) comes with many parts and is great for patient kids who are 14 or older. Some problems you might come across are identifying the pieces and putting the right pieces in the right place. A solution to this problem is going on the easy-to-navigate website ( We went there a lot, and got through more than we could have with just the handheld manual.

The main thing we have learned is that the Arckit 90 takes a lot of trial and error. This kit really brings out the saying “Learn from your mistakes.” We had to rebuild a wall about five times before we got it done perfectly.

Some cool surprises about the Arckit 90 are that when you first open the box, everything is double-packed. You never know what you will open next. And there was a mystery folder.

We agree that the Arckit 90 is a fun learning experience. If you get it, you will most likely agree. This kit is great for STEM schools like our own. Have fun!

Overall Rating: 4 smiles

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