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Kidsday review: 'Flight of the Butterflies'

"Flight of the Butterflies" is a new nonfiction IMAX film. We saw this movie at the American Museum of Natural History in Manhattan. It is a majestic and magical movie about how Fred Urquhart discovers where monarch butterflies migrate every fall.

He asked ordinary citizens and neighbors to help him. These people were known as citizen scientists. Soon, there were hundreds of citizen scientists. Each butterfly had a number, so when people found a tagged butterfly, they could report the number to Urquhart. This helped investigators record the flight paths of the butterflies.

The migration path of monarch butterflies was followed in the film. The butterfly in the first generation to be shown was named Dana, after her scientific Latin name. Dana starts in Toronto, Canada. She flies to Texas, lays her eggs and dies. This starts a new generation of monarchs, the daughters of Dana. The second generation flies back to Toronto for the summer, lays its eggs, and perishes. The third generation is known as a super-butterfly, destined to fly farther than all the others.

Suhaib wrote: "I felt touched by this movie. . . . Dr. Fred took such heart in the life of the small creatures. He also made a groundbreaking discovery of how butterflies migrate."

Daniel wrote: "This was sad because in the very end, hundreds of thousands of butterflies died, yet the sight of millions just hanging onto tree branches was beautiful. It looked like monarch butterflies grew on trees."

Yumito wrote: "I was touched how just one small insect with a little tag on it can be such a great being, and it showed all the hard work everyone went through to find this magnificent sight. It is really awesome how every single butterfly went through many difficulties to survive."

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Video game review: Avengers: Battle for Earth

The video game Avengers: Battle for Earth is great (UbiSoft for XBox 360 Kinect). It is a very action-filled game. In this game, you battle other Avengers and bad guys. There are two different kinds of every superhero. One is the regular superhero and the other is the alien superhero. You could play single player or you could play multiplayer. There are different motions you do for a different attack. After you use a power, you have to wait and your power comes back. The longer you wait the harder the attack.

Hulk is my favorite character. There are different maps you can play on.

I think it is a game for all kids.

RATING: 4 of 5

--Kidsday Reporter Luke Marchello, Miller Place

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