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Good Afternoon

Kidsday review: 'Little Bo in London'

We read the book "Little Bo in London" by Julie Andrews Edwards and her daughter, Emma Walton Hamilton (HarperCollins). It is the fourth and final book in a series.

The main character is a cat named Bo. She loves to have adventures. While on some of her adventures, she finds her mother, father, brothers and sisters. The book uses many details to describe the places she visits and the people she meets. The illustrations are beautiful.

We like that Bo was not upset when she was lost. All of the cats were nice and helpful to each other. We also liked all of the places she went.

Since we didn't read the other three books in the series, it was a little confusing at first. After reading a few chapters, we were able to figure out who the characters were. We wish there were even more illustrations!

We think cat lovers would love this book. We would recommend it to anyone 9 and older. We know they would really enjoy reading it as much as we did!

Recently we met with Julie and Emma in Manhattan, and talked to them about their latest book.

We asked them how they decided to write the book together. Emma said, "We've been writing -- this is No. 27 of the books that we've written together -- but the first two books in this series Mom wrote by herself before we decided to write together.

"But she always wanted to finish the series. She always wanted to make sure because the idea was that there would to be four books and it would tell her whole story. And after we had written so many books together, they're in between, when it finally came time for her to finish the series, we'd been writing together so much and so long that she said, 'I think you'd better write this one with me. I can't imagine writing by myself anymore. We get along so well together.' "

Bo goes on many adventures in the book and we wanted to know if they had been to the places. Julie said, "I've never been to Malta."

Emma added, "We've been in our imagination and our research. The book before this one is called 'Little Bo in Italy,' and we've both been to Italy, but we didn't get to go to Italy the way we researched for the book. We would have loved to do, but the wonderful thing is now with the Internet, with the Web, you can do so much research and obviously it's not the same as going there, which the illustrator got to do."

Julie said, "The man who illustrated the book [Henry Cole] got this fabulous trip so he could go see everything we've written about in the book. And we were very jealous and put out."

Emma said, "We were both born in England and we've been to London quite a bit. And we've both been to Buckingham Palace. That was fun, and we can actually speak from experience."

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