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Kidsday review: 'Radio City Christmas'

We went to the press night for the "Radio City Christmas Spectacular" last week. Watching the Rockettes perform live was absolutely amazing!

Although the entire show was great, we did have a few favorite scenes. One of them was when Santa invited the audience to wear 3-D glasses as two characters in the show (a mom and her daughter) played a video game. At each level, they powered up by overpowering the Scrooges who were trying to sabotage Christmas. The 3-D glasses made the game so real.

Another great scene of the show was when Clara from "The Nutcracker" danced with Teddy Bears large and small. Each group of bears danced to its own "Nutcracker" song. The bears were so cute, and Clara herself danced beautifully.

One of the most exciting scenes was when a New York City sightseeing tour bus was driven onto the stage, and all the Rockettes danced on both the upper and lower levels. After an on-the-bus costume change, the Rockettes did what they do best . . . a kickline at its finest, every kick the same height, precise and perfect.

Our final favorite scene was when the Rockettes, dressed as soldiers, began by moving in stiff dance moves that were almost robotic. Two of the coolest choreographed moves were when the Rockettes lined up in an X-shape, and each kept form as they marched. Then, after having a canon shoot the perfect line of Rockette soldiers, they slowly fell backward one by one like dominoes.

It was a great opportunity and experience for both of us to witness this show. We know that kids of all ages will enjoy this fun journey through the spirit of Christmas. If you have seen it once, you will want to experience it again. The reindeer and Santa's presence is enough to get any kid excited, but the fun and amazing dance numbers throughout the show will leave every kid at a loss for words. The Radio City Christmas show is truly spectacular.

There are shows daily, now through Dec. 30. For tickets and information visit the website:, or call 866-858-0007.

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