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Kidsday review: 'The One and Only Ivan'

Looking for a distraction from all those chapter books that you didn't like? Well, "The One and Only Ivan," by Katherine Applegate (HarperCollins), will totally engage you! The book is about a gorilla named Ivan who wants to get out of his cage and be put in the zoo. The main animals are Ivan, two elephants named Ruby and Stella, a dog named Bob and the circus owner, Mack.

Ivan wants to get himself and the baby elephant Ruby out of their cages and into the zoo. The story's setting is at a mall, and it takes place in the present. My favorite part in the book was when Ivan made a puzzle that spelled HOME.

I think other kids would enjoy this book because the story is very captivating and it is based on true events.

The book was entertaining because it tells about Ivan's life in a cage with Stella, Ruby and Bob. I really enjoyed this book and I recommend for other kids to read.

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