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Kidsday reviews 'Here Comes the Boom'

Comedian Kevin James with Kidsday reporters Rosie Vollaro,

Comedian Kevin James with Kidsday reporters Rosie Vollaro, Brendan Rogers, Luke Marchello and Gavin Bean, ages 10 and 11, from Miller Place. They met Kevin at the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan (Oct. 10, 2012) Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We saw the new movie "Here Comes The Boom" and interviewed its star, Kevin James. We think Kevin was at his funniest and best in this film. The movie is fun, exciting and inspiring.

Kevin plays Scott Voss, a 42-year-old high school biology teacher who has lost his passion for teaching. He gets inspired when the school decides it has to cut the music program. He befriends a wonderful music teacher, played by Henry Winkler, who will lose his job if the school's budget is cut. To make things worse, the music teacher's wife is pregnant.

Scott tries many ways to raise $48,000, but all fail until he decides to become a mixed martial arts fighter. Scott was a college wrestler, but he is no match for a pro MMA fighter. The fun begins when he enters the ring.

We all loved the movie, and each had our own favorite part. You will have to see the movie on your own to find out the outcome. We highly recommend this movie to all ages.

The movie teaches that if you try hard enough, you can reach your goals, and any person can make a difference. Get off the couch and go see the movie because it is a knockout!

We met Kevin on Wednesday at the Trump International Hotel in Manhattan. We asked him how he prepared for the movie. Kevin said, "I worked out really hard with a lot of those UFC [Ultimate Fighting Championship] fighters. I trained hard, I changed my diet. I would get up and run, I would lift weights with them, and I would spar. It was difficult. I got hurt, but I kept getting back up."

We asked where he got the idea for the Viking outfit he wore in the film. "That is exactly what happened to someone. He wore a big getup, with a helmet and spikes into the ring and then got knocked out really fast. The guy got carried out, and the other guys were carrying his equipment."

Kevin said the hardest part of making the film was "the physical demands of it. I was older than every other fighter in there by like 20 years."

In much of the movie, Kevin doesn't wear a shirt. We wanted to know how he felt about that. He said, "I was scared about it, but I got in good shape for me; still not great shape. I didn't care because I said I was going to represent the everyday guy, and this is who I am."

RATING: 31/2 of 5

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