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Kidsday reviews: New Crayola holiday toys

Kidsday reporters Sara Ghaly, left, and Nicole Sperounis

Kidsday reporters Sara Ghaly, left, and Nicole Sperounis tested new Crayola items. Credit: Newsday / Pat Mullooly

We tested two new products from Crayola.

Nicole tested the Crayon Carver. It lets you carve words or messages using tracing tiles. You can carve words and messages using up to nine letters. Also, you can turn it to carve words on the other side. The Crayon Carver includes tracing tiles for all the letters of the alphabet and some symbols (40 tiles in all), a motorized stylus, a tracing stylus, crayon adapters to hold the crayons in place, a jumbo wrapper ripper, carvings brush, a tile holder to create messages and for storage afterward, a standard wrapper ripper, a carving compartment and built-in storage. It also comes with eight crayons to carve.

I think the Crayon Carver is awesome. I had so much fun, and it is very easy to use.

AGES 6 and older

RATING 5 smiles

Sara tested the Cling Creator. It makes up to 20 clings. It comes with 21 parts. You can either choose a ready-to-make mold or you can make your own clay mold. I think the Cling Creator is a good, but messy toy. If you don’t get the measurement right, it messes up the whole thing. I noticed that when I took the pieces off, they didn’t come off easily. It doesn’t really stick to things.

I think the age group for this toy is 8 and over because it starts out as a liquid and then a solid, so the liquid part is messy.

AGES 8 and older

RATING 3 smiles

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