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Kidsday: Sam Eaton's 'The Quantum Eye'

Have you ever seen a magician pull a bunny out of a hat? Have you ever wondered how it's done? Sam Eaton goes above and beyond your expectations of a magician because he's a mentalist, too.

In "The Quantum Eye," Eaton performs many fascinating techniques such as mind reading, prediction, lie detection and memorization. He asks audience members to participate onstage. His acts all depend on the audience members he chooses. Some of them were very silly and entertaining at the recent show we saw.

After the show, we interviewed Sam. He was very kind and down-to-earth. He answered all of our questions directly, and he was just as funny as he was during his show.

Sam told us that he has been doing this for 10 years; he claims he has been training for it his entire life. His uncle taught him a magic trick when he was just 6, and he has been hooked ever since.

We wanted to know how he keeps his performance fresh. Sam said, "The wonderful thing is that I get all these volunteers onstage. Volunteers mean the show is different every week, and that makes it fresh."

Finally, we asked him how he thinks he compares to other magicians. "Well, I'm not a magician," Sam said. "There are very few performing mentalists who have stage shows. Most performers are magicians. And magic and mentalism really has a very different feel to it. Everything that you saw in my show is in people's heads. You had to think about everything that you saw."

We really enjoyed his show, and we enjoyed talking to him even more. At the end of our interview, he showed us a few card tricks. Want to see this amazing show? Go to Theatre 80, St. Marks Place, Manhattan. Visit online: Shows are Saturdays at 5 p.m. We would recommend the show to anyone 7 or older. Younger kids might not understand the concept of the show and appreciate the tricks that he does.

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