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Good Morning

Kidsday: Seriously Spoiled, a spa

We spent a fabulous afternoon at Seriously Spoiled. When we first walked into the store in Patchogue, the staff was very welcoming and kind. It was so hard to choose which service we wanted because they are all so cool.

Avery chose a manicure and Lily would have a pedicure. They were both fantastic. Lily enjoyed her chocolate-dessert-inspired pedicure. Rachel Lopez, who worked on Lily, made sure she felt "seriously spoiled!" Avery loved the pampering she received during her manicure from Lisa Falco-Gadzinski, who owns the salon with her sister, Karen Falco-Pedra. Her polka-dot nails and snowman design were festive and fun. Other services offered at Seriously Spoiled included diva haircuts, up-dos and styles, chocolate facials, make up and more.

The sisters opened the spa in 2008, and it is filled with luxury spa services for girls 18 and younger. They are located in Patchogue and Dix Hills ( Seriously Spoiled is a great place for a birthday party. One of the best parts of having a birthday party here is the karaoke that is offered exclusively for the parties.

Lisa said Seriously Spoiled is the best job in the world because she gets to see all the smiling faces celebrating birthdays or some extra special pampering. Who wouldn't love that? Seriously Spoiled is more than just a spa. When you walk into the Bath Bakery Sweet Shoppe, you will find it filled with sweet-smelling soaps, fizzy bath treats, spa lounge wear, sparkly necklaces, hair products and much more.

Seriously Spoiled's upbeat vibe makes it a great place for girls to have an amazing spa experience. We love being spoiled there!

Playing with Clump-O-Lumps

Clump-O-Lumps are plush toy animals that you can mix and match with other Clump-O-Lumps. There are six Clump-O-Lumps: Bird-O the bird, Bee-O the bee, Shark-O the shark, Frog-O the frog, Squid-O the squid, and Tig-O the tiger. We like these toys -- they're great. You just unzip parts of them and reconnect them and mix them up with the other animals. Silly but fun!

We went to pre-K at our school to play with them with the younger students. Next they pretended they were teachers and the Clump-O-Lumps were students. They had so much fun taking them apart. They had so much fun and all the Clump-O-Lumps are so cute. Want one? Visit the website:


CLASS OF THE WEEK Jennifer Hempfling's fifth-grade class, CANAAN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Patchogue

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