Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Kidsday: Shaking it up with Play-Doh

I tested the Play-Doh Swirling Shake Shoppe (Hasbro). It is a very spectacular toy once you get it working. I would recommend asking a parent for help putting it together.

The product works only if you put it together correctly. First, you have to place the big white piece on top of the red and green piece. Next, you have to place the big clear cup in the big hole at the top of the product. Then, you have to put the crank on the big cup. Make sure you hear a clicking sound before you start. Finally, you have to place the different stencils on the side just in case you want a different design. Last, but not least, crank the crank and the fun begins! This product makes a wonderful variety of Play-Doh shakes. It's fun to play with, but make sure you don't eat it!

I think if you are 8 and younger, you will love this; this is the shoe that fits your foot. I am 10, and I liked it, but I think if you are younger this product is better for you.

Fun with garbage cans

The latest toy out for kids 3 and older is Trash Pack (Moose Toys; The Trash Packs are tiny collectible garbage cans that hold even smaller creatures inside. They are really cute and you can make them do whatever your imagination wants them to do. There are more than 100 different Trashies to collect or trade with your friends. If you are into collecting, this is very popular.


I also liked DaGeDar (Cepia Educational Products / Dimension 33). DaGeDars are collectible balls, and can also be played online. You shoot them with launchers and vortex spinners that make them spin around, race and bump into each other. Each ball has a back-story and an image. It is supposed to be the best kids game out, and I agree.

--Kidsday Reporter Ethan Herschtein

RATING: 5 of 5

Baseball and me

Do you think sports really say who you are? I think they do. Baseball is the only sport I play. I have been playing ever since I can remember and I am a big Mets fan.

Baseball is not just a game, it is a part of my life. I play it every day.

My dad taught me a lot about the game. He has helped me become a better player and because of that I have played Little League ball and also travel baseball. I've traveled to Delaware and New Jersey. I like travel better because the game is played at a higher level. I also enjoy playing with my friends. That is why I like Little League.

Baseball is a big part of my life and I will not give up. Sports do say who I am -- and I am a baseball player.

--Kidsday Reporter Michael Isolano

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Maggie Rago's fourth-grade class, McKENNA ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Massapequa Park

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