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Kidsday: Special November days

When you think about holidays in November, most people would think of food-filled Thanksgiving Day. Thanksgiving is fun to celebrate with friends and family, but I'm writing to tell you about all the unobserved holidays in the month of November.

Nov. 17 was World Peace Day. This holiday was meant to be a day where everyone is kind and everyone teaches others how to be peaceful. We missed this one. Please try to be extra peaceful on this day.

Yesterday was Have a Bad Day Day. This day was made so people would realize that everyone has a bad day every once in awhile. The main goal of this day is to have cashiers and other sales people stop saying, "Have a good day" to their customers.

Today is Universal Children's Day. This day was adopted by the United Nations in 1954. I think you should be nice to kids every day, because every day is Kidsday! Tomorrow, you can celebrate World Hello Day. Just saying hello and communicating with others is a great way to get along with people.

I am going to make up my own special holidays. The first one is Adopt a Guinea Pig Day. I love these adorable creatures so much, and many of them in pet stores and shelters are in need of loving homes.

Poll: Seeking a sequel

I polled 40 kids on which action superhero movie they would like to see a sequel to. I gave them three choices, and these are the results:

"The Avengers" . . . . . . . . . . . . . 27

"The Amazing Spider-Man" . . . 10

"Iron Man 2" . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3

All three of these movies will have at least one more sequel. I really liked the latest Spider-Man movie, and I think there are so many good adventures to come with this. It looks like there will be a sequel for this in 2014. "The Avengers" will have a sequel coming out in 2015. "Iron Man 3" is coming out next year!

--Kidsday Reporter Jacob Hanna

On a roll with Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is a fun game where you can pick many different types of ways to get yourself around. Then, you go through maps and try to reach the finish line. There are some easy maps and some hard maps. The hardest map is probably snowy mountains. I don't even know how to get onto the hook that brings you to the map; it is really a challenge!

I highly recommend this game to any kids from 5 to 13. This game requires good strategy.


--Kidsday Reporter Nicholas Parkas

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