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Kidsday: Talking with actor Noah Munck

We met actor Noah Munck, who starred as Gibby on "iCarly" when he was visiting Planet Hollywood in Manhattan recently.

Who do you like the best on the set of "iCarly" and why?

You know what? The whole cast is just so awesome. They're so fun. Jerry [Trainor] is like my older brother. It's so fun to hang out with him. He messes around Spencer all the time. He's just like his character. He is Spencer. It's so fun to hang out with all of them, the whole cast. They're all great.

Are you sad that "iCarly" is ending?

Yes. I am very sad. It's been a crazy long run, and it's been like the best time ever. Like, no bad thing has happened from "iCarly." It's just been amazing all the way through. I'm very sad. Like, the last episode is going to be really hard for us, too, because we're never going to film together again.

Do you have any siblings and did you play with them when you were young?

Yeah, I'm the oldest of five kids. I have one younger sister and three younger brothers. Of course, I play with them all the time. I beat them up all the time. They're great. I hang out with them all the time. It's one of my things I love to do. Spend time with my family and hang out.

Are you allowed to keep all the money you make?

Yes, most of it I am. It's tucked safe away. Saving up for college.

Who had the idea for you to take off your shirt on "iCarly"?

The producer. It said in the first episode I was shirtless and in my boxers. That kind of made a pattern for the rest of the show. I've just been kind of shirtless for the whole thing. It's kind of died down these last few seasons.

Who comes with you when you have to travel?

Usually my mom, and my dad comes sometimes, too. So my mom and my dad kind of switch off. My mom does a lot. Most of the travel. Up to L.A. We don't live right exactly near the set. We're, like, an hour away, so she used to drive there and back every day. So it's crazy.

Did you like being Gibby?

Yes, I love being Gibby. This has been a fun character. He's been awesome. He's been really cool to play. He's like the quirky character everybody loves. He's weird, but people like him. It's been interesting to play and develop that character. It's been fun.

Are you happy that you are famous?

Yeah, I love being famous -- famous, if you want to call it that. I love that. It's been great. It's gotten me a lot of opportunities, it's got me a lot of cool stuff to do with my life. I love it.

If you could change something about your character, what would you change?

Gibby getting a girlfriend. Gibby does get ladies, but the thing is, Gibby doesn't really care about ladies. He's more like, if food is sitting here, he'll turn down ladies for the food. Yeah, Gibby getting a girlfriend, but you know what, it's been great so far. Gibby doesn't need a girlfriend; he's a one-man type of a guy.

Did you ever Google your own name?

When I started out, I did Google my own name. I was like, oh, I'm the first one up on the Internet, here's pictures of me. It was weird, but I kind of got used to that now. It's always fun to do that when you first start out.

Did you like singing with One Direction?

Yeah. I don't have a singing voice, but I loved singing with One Direction. I'm not like a screaming girl fan of One Direction, but they're awesome. They weren't as popular as they are now when they were on our show. It was interesting to see them.

Are you excited about your new program?

I'm very excited. It will be very fun. I was with Jake T. Austin and Joel Courtney. It's a cool script, a classic movie. H>

Would you like being in any movies?

Yeah. I definitely want to do some features. Hopefully I'm going to do that coming up. We'll see. I've done a few features before, but I definitely want to be like a lead in a feature.

Have your friends changed since you've been a star?

I think real friends haven't changed. If they're your real friends they wouldn't change. But then you know who your fake friends are. I still have all my friends from my childhood. But the friends that I met recently, like in middle school, kind of got weird. You got to keep your real friends close.

Did you get good grades in school when you were my age?

I would say yes. I had a few years where I struggled a little bit, but then I would always pull out at the end. But now that I'm a sophomore I'm doing really well. High school has gotten better for me. Keep at it -- keep at getting good grades. It will get better for you.

What do you do for fun off set?

Hang out with friends. Play video games. I like to do stuff that normal kids like to do. Just hang out.

Are you happy that you had a chance to work with the "iCarly" crew?

Yeah. I kind of was on since the beginning. I kind of just started. They told me like "iCarly" is this new show with Miranda Cosgrove and I'm like, 'Oh, all right, cool. I'll check it out.' I was really excited. I was starring as a one-time role and then it just kept going ever since. And I've been there about five years and it's been awesome.

How did you get into acting?

I actually never wanted to act up until I was like 9 or 10. My sister would do musicals and improv classes and I would do break-dancing classes and I would also have to wait for her to get out of her acting class. And one day the teacher called me in and was like, 'Why don't you try this out?' and I'm like, 'Alright.' And I loved it. That kind of started the pattern. Got an agent and booked a few commercials to start out and then got into "iCarly." It's been awesome.

Why did you want to become an actor?

I think after I found out that I loved it, I was really like, 'This is what I want to -- I finally found out my talent, my thing to do.' I just followed that.

What is your favorite part about being on "iCarly"?¢

Probably working with Dan Schneider, the producer. He's a genius. He gives us all the acting tips we need. He's a lot of fun. And then the cast as well. The cast is great and just working on the set. I've been there for five years and it's been awesome. It's amazing.

What TV show did you watch when you were 10?

I was watching "The Amanda Show," "Drake and Josh" and "All That." That's like the best Nick shows that I know right now. And that's all created by Dan Schneider. It's weird to watch Dan Schneider and then grow up on him and then be on a show. It's crazy. It's cool.

What is your favorite food to eat?

I don't know. I love food so probably chicken wings. That's the best thing.

What is your favorite thing to do when you're not working?

I like to make music. I produce music electronically and like I said I love hanging out with friends, play video games, hang out with my family. I love paint balling. That's a lot of fun to do. Just hanging out.

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