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Kidsday: Tate's Bake Shop

Have you ever had a chocolate chip cookie that was absolutely delicious, but it wasn't made at home? We did! We tried Tate's cookies, which can be found in delis and some grocery stores. We liked the cookies so much that we wanted to check out how they were made and why they were so good.

Did you know that Tate's cookies are made right here on Long Island? Through Kidsday, we were able to visit Tate's Bake Shop in Southampton, and we baked our own batch of cookies.

We met Kathleen King, owner of Tate's Bake Shop. She gave us a tour of the Southampton store and then showed us how to make and bake cookies. We did all the basics, then added our own special ingredients, such as M&M's, pecans and walnuts. We put four cookies on each tray, then into a huge oven they went. We didn't just make them, we ate them, too! They were delicious.

While the cookies were baking, we left the baking area, and we were looking at all the goods they had at the shop. Then we got T-shirts that said I kTate's. After that, we went back to the baking area and got our cookies. We also took pictures. Then it was time to go, and we were sad.

But we were happy, too, because we got to eat our cookies all the way back to school.

If you like the cookies and cakes as much as we do, you can sign up online for the recipe-of-the-month club.

Tate's is so popular that King has a second location where most of the baking is done. She makes millions of cookies every week!

The bake shop is at 43 North Sea Rd., Southampton. Visit, or call 631-283-9830.

Mario Tennis Open 3DS

Mario Tennis Open for 3DS is a cool game. You can play single shot, which is when you take on another player. When I played it with Luigi, I always lost, but with Donkey Kong I was really good. I never lost with Donkey Kong! Something else that is cool is when you hit the ball really hard, it flies up in the air.

The team I was playing against did that and they got a point, but then I got them back and did the same thing back to them, and then I got a point. Sometimes, it's hard to hit the far ones back to the other players, but I got better with practice. The 3DS is cool and a lot of fun.

-- JUSTIN BRAVO/Kidsday Reporter


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