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Kidsday: Testing Kryptonics skateboards

We tested two new skateboards: a long board a short board made by Kryptonics.

Steven tested the Kryptonics long board. He wrote: "The long board with the smooth, thick wheels makes riding smoother than on a regular skateboard.

"The only minor problem is that it didn't turn well, so I had to loosen the trucks, which allowed the wheels and board to turn well. The board had nice detail on the top, and the bottom had a nice picture of palm trees.

"This board would be a nice birthday present for any kid into skateboarding, ages 9 and older.

" I personally like long boards."

Jack tested the new Kryptonics Torpedo skateboard. He wrote: "Kryptonics has been making skateboards and wheels since 1965. They are now reintroducing a classic '70s style plastic deck skateboard. This skateboard is also known as a penny. The deck is stiffer, which is better for heavier riders, but still is flexible and should not break. The back end of the board is shorter, so the skater can get more pavement angles for tricks. It has a checkerboard surface grip that looks cool and soft, smooth wheels that will ride over anything.

"This a great size to carry around. It's 22 inches long, making it easy to put in a backpack or locker. It comes in lots of great color combinations, too. It costs about $40.

"Some concerns: The wheels may need adjusting, and the stiff steering might need breaking in.

"Other than that, it's a nice little board."

RATING: 4 of 5

School changes we's welcome

Let's face it, we have to spend a lot of time at school, so why not make a place where we can feel even more comfortable.

Recently, we conducted a survey for sixth-grade students at North Country Road Middle School. The questions were related to what we were hoping to see as changes in our school district. The sixth-graders had lots of ideas, and here are the top three things we would like to see changed or improved:

1. Get better and healthier food for the lunch menus.

2. Have the choice to participate in a sport in sixth grade

3. Have more field trips and activities

--Kidsday Reporters Jonathan Hart and Joseph Stabile

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Sue Lutcha's sixth-grade class, NORTH COUNTRY ROAD MIDDLE SCHOOL, Miller Place

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