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Kidsday: Testing Little Tikes toys

WE LEARN TO PLAY(Little Tikes;

Kidsday reporters tested products from Little Tikes and thought they would be great for their siblings.

Kathy tested the iTikes Piano. She wrote: "When you press a key, it lights up in red. There are four main buttons: playback, rewind, solo and beat. You can change the speed of the music. My 2-year-old sister loved this. She would never let anyone play with the piano, not even my parents."

Joza tested the I Create . . . Canvas. She wrote: "This is a toy that can help younger kids with their ABCs and numbers. You press the power button, and it tells you to pick up a special pen and write your letters. I Create . . . Canvas shows videos of kids saying ABCs, and then you trace over the letters on the screen. It shows you how to count, too. I liked this a lot; parents and teachers would like this, too."

Avyt tested the itikes Explore Map. He wrote: "With Explore Map, you can learn many things about the world. It can be used with an iPhone or with an iPod. Explore Map is used to learn about countries and galaxies in outer space. You can just use the pen that comes with it. To use Explore Map, you first select the screen you want to use. Then, tap with the pen the country or galaxy, and it gives you information. My younger brother also enjoyed Explore Maps. He wanted to learn more. This is a great toy for kids."

The iTikes Microscope is a lot of fun to play, according to Lindsay. She wrote: "You can learn about many different things -- animals, food, clothing and more. I really loved this because it has movies about nature. You put a video into the microscope. Then, you get to see all these different things in nature as you look through the microscope. This microscope is both fun and educational. Kids who like science will like this."

Ages: 10 and younger

Overall Rating: 4 of 5

DOCTOR MOMMY(Little Mommy / Mattel)

This Little Mommy Doctor Mommy doll is a great toy. It has a baby doll and doctor supplies. It has magic tools to take her temperature, check her throat and heartbeat. The doll talks back about how she's feeling. The doll says, "I don't feel so good, Mommy." My 8-year-old sister always wanted to play doctor. Doctor Mommy would be great for girls and boys. It's fun to listen to the doll talk.

Ages: 8 and younger

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