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Kidsday: The 5th Grade Aliens

Every year the fifth-graders and the first-graders send notes back and forth in a bottle that the teachers paint so it will look like a rocket.

We do it so the first-graders get to know the school and its older students a little better. And after a week or two, the fifth-graders dress up like aliens and go to the first-graders' classroom. They meet the kids they wrote to, say "hi," and get to know each other.

It's really fun. We like planning our outfits because that is part of the fun. What I plan to do for my outfit is dress all in black so just my eyes are showing and then wear blue goggles. I will put on some custom-made gloves that will look like webbed hands. We like it, and the first-graders like it even more.

Would you skip a grade?

If you could skip a grade, would you? We asked 141 fourth- and fifth-graders if they would skip a grade. We gave them two choices: Yes, they would skip a grade, or no, they wouldn't skip a grade.

Here are our results:

Yes -- 71

No -- 70

As you can see, this was a tough one for kids to decide. A lot of kids who would skip said they couldn't wait to get to the middle school or the high school. Kids who didn't want to skip a grade said they liked the friends they had and they would not want to miss them by being with older kids.


Just for fun

Our school has special theme days. We have days like Culture Day, Crazy Sock Day, Crazy Hat Day, and Mix and Don't Match Day. Kids in our school really like these days a lot. Not only do the kids participate, but the teachers do, too.

I thought this was a good idea, so I decided to make a few cool days myself. The first one is Crazy Costume Day. That day is like a second Halloween. The second day is Bring Your Pet to School Day. That is when you bring your pet to class. The third day is Dress Like Your Favorite TV Character Day. That's when you dress like your favorite person on a TV show. And the fourth and last one is Dress Like Your Favorite Movie Star Day.

Those are four cool days I think we should have at my school.

-- MATTHEW RECHER/Kidsday Reporter


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