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Kidsday: The day a bat flew into our house

Many bats find trees to be the perfect place to rest and spend time taking care of their babies. At times, bats may use houses or buildings as a resting site. Did you know that a brown bat can eat up to 1,200 insects in just one hour? This helps all of us -- unless the bat is flying in your house.

Bats can be great to have in your backyard; they eat mosquitoes and other annoying bugs. Many people like to have bat houses in their yards. My mom said she would like to have a bat house, but she didn't mean for our house to be the bat house.

One day, I was in my room when I heard my mom scream. I rushed downstairs to see her in the bathroom with the door slightly open. I asked her what happened; she said there was a bat in the house! I thought to myself, cool!

My brother came running into the den with my mom and me. He was crying. He got scared because the bat flew past his face. Its wing was just an inch away from his face. The bat flew into the den right over our heads; my mom screamed, which made me scream and my brother scream.

My dad grabbed one of my mom's pitchers, and my mom decided on the spot that she would not use that pitcher anymore. If my dad caught the bat in the pitcher, he would have to throw out the pitcher.

The bat flew into the den again, and my mom and brother ran screaming into the bathroom. Boom! It hit me.

I just had to videotape the bat! After I grabbed my camera, I went searching for the bat. I found it flying in my dining room. My dad asked me what I was doing, and I replied, "I'm trying to get this on video!" I don't think the bat liked that idea, because it flew at my head, so I hit the ground with a thump.

I noticed every couple of minutes, it would fly to my front door, so I told my dad to open the door -- but instead of flying to the door again, it flew upstairs. My dad and I went upstairs after the bat. My dad caught the bat in the pitcher; we went back downstairs and told my mom and brother they could come out, because we caught the bat. We went outside and let it free. What an adventure!

Hasbro Kre-o Battleship

This Hasbro Kre-o Battleship is a model of a ship from the movie "Battleship" that was in theaters in the spring. The set is also a model of a real American battleship, the USS Missouri.

The Kre-o ship has six firing weapons. The ship has a cabin gun control center and a research center. This set is great for kids, ages 8 to 14, who like to build and like action. It comes with action figures. The set has 545 pieces. You can get other sets to add to it, including a combat chopper, an alien ship and a submarine.

RATING: 4 of 5

--Kidsday Reporter Jean Gil

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