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Kidsday: The Greatness of Geocaching

Have you ever been bored on a sunny day, lounging around on the couch with your eyes drooping with boredom? Well, you can get off the couch with geocaching. Geocaching is a fun outdoor activity to find "hidden treasures," or geocaches, which are containers with logbooks or trinkets. I tested Geomate.jr ( With geocaching, you can not only find lovely caches, but you can also enjoy the outside atmosphere. It comes loaded with geocache locations all over the 50 states.

And, even if you have found all 250,000 geocaches, this handheld device is being updated all the time.

You can use this just as a navigation tool and set yourself and friends off on adventures.

What do you find when geocaching? When you find your cache, you may find a logbook. You use this logbook to record your code name. However, you can also find cool coins, small trinkets, CDs or books. But the really cool idea behind this activity is that the cache is not in plain sight; most of the time, you have to actually dig around in trees and bushes to find the prize. When I went to my nearby park to seek my cache, I had to dig around a log in order to find it. Then, I saw that I had a logbook and a cool ring. With many unique characteristics, geocaching is such a fun activity.

You could get obsessed with this, especially if it's on a sunny day. With finding treasures and enjoying the outside atmosphere, one can immediately become drawn to geocaching, just as I was.

So, get off the couch and grab a friend or two. I think you should try this product and let the adventures begin!

Get the message?

Do you have a cellphone? If you do own one, then you probably text people. Texting has become a hugely popular way to stay in touch with friends and family, while not having to talk on the phone. You can text people virtually anywhere, and it's turned into a bit of an obsession for some.

There are teenagers who text way too much, and don't know when to put down the phone. They need their phone with them 24/7, and they never take their eyes off the screen. They sometimes even text in school, which is a huge distraction and can turn into a real problem. Texting is a wonderful thing, and it's fun, but nothing beats having a real conversation with a friend. If you're reading this and agreeing with what I'm saying, then try putting down the phone for a few hours, and getting some face-to-face time with your family and friends. Don't be an over-texter.

-- CAMERON LIQUORI/Kidsday Reporter

CLASS OF THE WEEK Catherine Duffy's seventh-grade English class, R. C. MURPHY JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL, Stony Brook

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