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Kidsday: The Hampton Lady

The Hampton Lady is a fishing charter boat based in Hampton Bays and located at the Top of the Wharf Marina on Dune Road. The boat holds up to 14 people and sails every day, weather permitting.

On this boat you can fish for cod, pollock, red hake, ocean perch and sea bass. All hooks, swivels, leaders and jelly worms are included.

The Hampton Lady is operated by Capt. James Foley, who has owned and operated his own charter boats since he was 21. He also has won many fishing tournaments over the past five years. Whether you are young or old, an experienced fisherman or a beginner, Capt. Jim will make certain your day on the water is enjoyable. Space on the boat fills up quickly, so call Capt. Jim at 631-521-3366, or visit Make your reservation today.

Glass Fish Collection

I have an interesting collection of glass fish. I have 25 glass fish in my collection and all of them are handcrafted. Every time I travel, I look for new fish. The glass fish are really fun to collect, and they make great souvenirs.

In the United States, I have purchased them from as near as New York City to as far as Los Angeles. I also have some glass fish that I found as far away as possible from my home on the other side of the globe in Thailand. In fact, I bought many of the fish in my collection while traveling in Thailand.

I like glass fish because they display beautiful images of my favorite animal. They make great decorations, and each one reminds me of my travels. However, this type of collection is disconcerting because glass is very fragile and requires special care in transporting and displaying.

-- NATHAN MALAK/Kidsday Reporter

KooKoo Puzzles

Ariel Landen's Kookoo Puzzles are fun but very challenging. I like this game because it helps your brain. I didn't solve one of the five puzzles until I tried it so many (many!) times. I was so happy after I figured it all out. I think this game would be best for kids 7 and older. I enjoyed playing it, and I bet you will, too. Still not sure? Check out the website

-- SALOME OCAMPO/Kidsday Reporter

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