Good Morning
Good Morning

Kidsday: The world of Minecraft

Minecraft ( is an online game. Players in the Minecraft world can create animals, buildings and other objects using blocks similar to Legos.

Minecraft players can choose either survival mode or creative mode. In survival mode, players must mine, chop, dig, and fight for resources, and they have limited lives. In creative mode, players have unlimited resources and unlimited lives. Creative mode players also have other special abilities, such as flying. Minecraft has single player or multiplayer options. In the multiplayer version, other players are with you in the Minecraft world, and players can chat with one another.

I think this game is good, because players can be creative and build whatever they want, and creativity is not limited. One thing that's annoying about Minecraft is that, on the multiplayer version, some players are not respectful of others, and they sometimes demolish, mine, chop or dig resources from another players' buildings so that they can use them for their projects.

Overall, I think most of the people who play this game really enjoy it.

'A Wrinkle in Time'

I recently read the 50th anniversary edition of Madeleine L'Engle's "A Wrinkle in Time," (MacMillan).

In this action-packed adventure that mixes science fiction with philosophy, the Murry kids "tesser" or travel through time and space to rescue their father, who is being held prisoner by "It" and the "Black Thing" on the strange planet of Camazotz.

The evil "Black Thing" is using his computer "It" to take over the universe through total mind control. On their journey, the kids meet unusual creatures, see their lives through a crystal ball, are saved by a pair of spectacles and learn that love always conquers evil.

I liked this Newberry Award-winning book because it showed not only the power of love but also the power and confidence that believing in yourself can inspire. --Kidsday Reporter Colin Carroll

Now that's funny

Person 1: I was in an accident and have short-term memory loss.

Person 2: When was the accident?

Person 1: What accident?

--Henry Bennett

What did Fergie say to her freckles?

"You're Freckalicious."

--Vanessa Quiros

Why did the potato go to France?

Because it wanted to become a French fry.

--Laura Naranjo

Knock, knock.

Who's there? I have door bell, you know.

--Fiorella Santa Cruz

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