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Kidsday: The YMCA in Patchogue

One of the best places to be in Patchogue on a Friday night is the YMCA. It is a great place to have fun because it is all about kids who are preteens.

There are so many fun activities such as the game room, the gym, the rock-climbing wall and the pool. In the gym, you can play basketball, volleyball and you can even make up your own game. In the game room, there are computers, Wii, Ping-Pong and more. On the rock-climbing wall, you can go up and down on all different levels. Finally, at the pool you can hang out with your friends and play in the water.

Then, there's pizza. A slice is only $2, and a soda is just $1. Every town should have a great place like this.

Medford Auto Wreckers

In 1964, my grandfather and his brother started buying cars and selling the parts. Now, my mom and dad and my uncle and aunt own Medford Auto Wreckers. There are more than 2,500 cars in the yard. In the warehouse, there are a lot of parts. Every car and every part are put into the computer. They do not just sell parts locally -- now they sell parts and cars around the world. They can ship them. When cars come in, they have to move them with a big payloader. Sometimes, I can get to sit in it. It is so cool.

One time, the junk yard was on the TV show "Dirty Jobs," and I got to meet Mike Rowe. It was awesome to meet someone famous. He was very nice.

Sometimes, when they get new cars in, my dad will let me go out in the yard with him. Sometimes, I can open the doors and try to find cool stuff. I have found DS games, baseball cards, iPhone cases, and much more. It is always an adventure when I go to the junk yard, and I can't wait until I am older and running the place!

-- RJ SLOUP/Kidsday Reporter

Our Recycling Club

For three years, Canaan Elementary School has been recycling water bottles, cans and paper. We collect recyclables and bring them to the red and blue garbage bins.

Every Monday, the recycling club meets to collect the bins from every class and dump them in a bag to be recycled at Pathmark. This year, so far, we raised more than $200. Half of this money will go to cancer donations, and the other half will be spent on classroom items.

-- ELIANA HUDSON/Kidsday Reporter

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