Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

Kidsday: Times Scare, a spooky place to go

If you would like to be scared out of your mind and amazed beyond words, Times Scare, in Times Square, is the place to go. With Halloween right around the corner, this is the perfect place to get ready for the big day.

This optional two-part extravaganza includes the one and only Dr. Blood, one of the best and funniest magicians we have even seen. Next, visit a dark, loud and creepy haunted house full of zombies with chain saws and strobe lights, along with many other thrills.

Dr. Blood will leave you wondering how he pulls off so many of his stunts. Dr. Blood's show is full of funky experiments. Also, he gives great prizes to any volunteers or participants. He tells good stories, and everything goes smoothly.

One of Dr. Blood's other traits is a good sense of humor. We liked that he called on so many kids from the audience and made us laugh, even while he was amazing us. He tried to saw one of us in half and challenged us to eat gross stuff for prizes. Don't worry, it was all for fun. For more information about Dr. Blood, visit

Next, we visited a haunted house that had loud screaming and door banging. Kids (and adults) were so frightened that they ran through the haunted house as fast as they could! This was one of the best haunted houses we've ever been in. This was worth it for anybody willing to get scared. It was exhilarating fun, but not recommended for kids younger than fourth grade. It was dark, and it was creepy.

We highly recommend visiting Times Scare for thrills and scares. We liked how at every turn you had no idea what was going to happen, and then everything got worse.

Also, Dr. Blood was very happy with giving his customers the best show he possibly could.

There is a restaurant in there as well. We didn't stay to eat, but maybe if we go back, we will make time for that, too.

To find out more about

Times Scare, visit the website, It's at Eighth Avenue and 42nd Street in Manhattan.

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