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Kidsday: Tips on making up with friends

Has losing a friendship ever happened to you? What do you do -- forget the person or try to be friends again?

I think you should always try to be friends. If you make the effort, your old friend might be your friend again.

Here are some tips that might make getting back into a friendship easier:

--Give a gift.

--Apologize to each other.

--Make each other laugh.

--Ask a parent or teacher to help solve the problem.

--If you have peer mediation groups in your school, ask for a session.

--Invite them over to play.

--Sit next to them in school at lunch.

--Draw something for them.

--Play with them at recess.

--If they got hurt, help them or tell someone about it.

What makes a sleepover successful

If you are planning your next sleepover with your friends, you might be interested in knowing what makes the perfect sleepover. Well, I have the information you'll need to make your sleepover one that no one will forget. I surveyed fourth- and fifth-grade students to find out what they think would make their sleepover the very best. Here are the results -- and I bet they won't surprise you!

What should they have for dinner?

Almost 80 percent of the kids agreed on pizza!

What's the best activity to do during sleepover?

The top two ideas were a make-your-own-sundae adventure or groups of kids playing video games.

What kind of movies did they want to see?

The top movie genre -- chosen by more than half the students -- was horror. What is better than screaming and hiding under the covers together?

What time should they go to bed? Well, it must have something to do with the choice of movie because there will be no lights out for this crew. More than 90 percent of the students surveyed voted to stay up all night long!

--Kidsday Reporter Bridget Sikinger

CLASS OF THE WEEK: Lara McNally's fifth-grade peer mediators, IDLE HOUR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, Oakdale

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