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Kidsday: Victoria Justice in 'Fun Size'

Actress Victoria Justice from the new movie "Fun

Actress Victoria Justice from the new movie "Fun Size," with Kidsday reporters Brittney Elmen, Tyler Lewis, Jennifer Marciano and Dylan Nicholson. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We went to a preview of "Fun Size," a new movie starring everybody's favorite star, Victoria Justice. All we can say is, "Wow!" This movie was a hysterical adventure on a Halloween night!

The story begins with high school student Wren DeSantis (Victoria), being invited to a Halloween party by one of the most popular boys at school. Wren is unable to go because she has to watch her younger brother Albert (Jackson Nicoll) and escort him trick or treating.

She still thinks she actually might make it to the party when she is done baby-sitting, but that never happens, because she is never done baby-sitting.

She loses Albert at a haunted house and spends the night searching for him. Albert seems not to care about being "lost" because he makes many new friends on his own Halloween adventure, one that involves lots of candy, a visit to a dance club and a convenience store clerk named Fuzzy, who becomes Albert's newest BFF.

This movie has great appeal for anyone 13 or older. We thoroughly enjoyed it, and think Victoria was believable as the worried older sister who helps bring her family together at the end. She even finds love when and where she least expects it as the story closes. Jackson was hysterical playing opposite Victoria.

We give this movie 4.5 out of 5 stars and definitely recommend it to anyone 13 or older.

Earlier this week, we met with Victoria and asked her some questions about "Fun Size." We wanted to know what it was like working with Jackson and with Johnny Knoxville.

She said, "It was awesome. Little Jackson was so feisty. He's like one of the funniest little kids I've ever met, and working with Johnny Knoxville was great. He's really, really funny in the movie; and in real life, he was like, just like a super normal guy."

In one funny scene, a giant chicken falls on the car they are in. We asked Victoria what filming that was like. She said, "We weren't in the car the first time they landed the chicken because they didn't know if anything was going to go wrong or they wanted to keep us safe. They had stunt doubles in there. Then, we did a few other takes where they lowered the chicken halfway and then dropped it like halfway onto us while we were in the car."

We loved the movie, and we wanted to know what was Victoria's favorite scene. She told us, "I like the scene where we first go to Roosevelt's house and Roosevelt warns us about his cat's allergies. Jane Levy's character, April, has a certain scent that she doesn't want to tell anybody about, and I don't want to give anything away, but the rest of it is super funny."

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